Some indices to various people in the database are shown below - eg Dukes, VC awardees, bishops, and so on.
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Index to the Rulers of the World
   Britain  -  England  Great Britain  Scotland  Wales
   Ancient Britain  -  Ireland  Bernicia  Deira  Kent  Mercia  Northumbria  Wessex
   France  -  France  Anjou  Aquitaine  Bourbonnais  Britanny  Champagne  Normandy  Provence
                    Toulouse  Monaco

   Germanic  -  Holy Roman Empire  Austria  Bavaria  Westphalia  Jurane Burgundy
   German Houses  -  Brunswick-Lüneburg  Hesse  Hohenzollern  Liechtenstein  Wettin
                                   Wittelsbach of Bavaria  Wittelsbach of the Palatinate  Württemberg  Zähringen

   Low Countries  -  Belgium  Holland  Hainault  The Netherlands  Artois  Brabant  Burgundy  Flanders
                                 Lower Lorraine  Luxemburg

   Balkans  -  Albania  Bulgaria  Serbia  Montenegro  Greece  Romania  Yugoslavia
   Eastern Europe  -  Bohemia  Hungary  Lithuania  Poland  Kiev  Vladimir  Russia
   Iberia  -  Portugal  Spain  León and Castile  Navarre  Barcelona  Castile  Aragon  Majorca
   Italy  -  Medieval Italy  Naples and Sicily  Este in Ferrara and Modena
                Montefeltro  Milan  Mantua  Florence  Parma  Savoy  Italy

   Scandinavia  -  Denmark  Norway  Sweden
   Latin America  -  Brazil  Mexico
   Middle East  -  Byzantine  Thessalonica  Antioch  Edessa  Jerusalem  Tripoli  Cyprus  Constantinople
                             Ottoman  Trebizond

Index of the British Peerage
   Dukes and Duchesses
   Marquesses and Marchionesses
   Earls and Countesses
   Viscounts and Viscountesses
   Barons and Baronesses (by letters patent)
   Barons and Baronesses (by writ)
   Life Peers
   UK Law Lords
   Scots Law Lords

   Jacobite titles
   English feudal baronies
   Scottish Chiefs of Clans

Index of various Foreign Titles
   Papal States 
   Other Foreign Titles (a selection)

Index to Offices
   Index to Heads of State
   Index to Parliament  -  MP  MP-Ireland  MP-Scotland  MP-Colonial  Minister  PPS  Other
   Index to the Clergy  -  Bishop  Archbishop  Archdeacon  Canon  Other
   Index to the Foreign Service  -  Ambassador  Governor  Other
   Index to Local Government  -  Lord-Lieutenant  Deputy Lieutenant  Sheriff  University  Admiral  Other
   Index to the Judiciary  -  Judge  PC  JP  Law Inns  KC and QC  High Stewards  Keepers  Other
   Index to the Civil Service
   Index to the Royal Household
   Index to Representative Peers
   Index to the Colleges of Arms
   Index to all other Office Holders

Index to Awards and Honours
   Index to British Orders
   Index to military decorations
   Index to the Orders of St. John (of Jerusalem)
   Index to other foreign honours and awards
   Index to all other awards

Index to Battles
   Index to the War of the Roses
   Index to the Scottish Wars
   Index to the Hundred Years War
   Index to the English Civil War
   Index to the American War of Independence
   Index to the Napoleonic Wars
   Index to the Crimean War
   Index to the Indian Wars
   Index to the American Civil War
   Index to the Egyptian Campaign
   Index to the South African Wars
   Index to the First World War
   Index to the Second World War
   Index to other military campaigns

   Index to the unconnected families and individuals in this database

   Index to Other Famous People

   Original Settlers of Pitcairn Island

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