American Civil War
    Astor, John Jacob
    Binns, Thomas
    Brenan, James
    Butler, Henry Blake
Christian, Arthur William
    Coffin, Philip Cook ( 1861-1864 ), serving on the Receiving Ship Ohio, the USS Portsmouth, and the USS Colorado
    Courcy, John Fitzroy, 24th Lord
    Dahlgren, Charles G.
    Dahlgren, John Adolph Bernard, where he commanded the Bureau of Ordnance
    Dayton, Oscar Veniah
    Dobbin, Robert Archibald, with the Confederate States Army
    Fagan, Louis Estell
    Fairfax, Archibald Carlyle
Fairfax, Eugene
    Fairfax, Julian
    Grant, James Loomis ( 1864-1865 )
    Grant, James Loomis ( 1861-1862 ), where he became a POW on 3 January 1862, and was exchanged on 22 February 1862
    Grant, Luman V.
    Gray, Edward Hodson, in the Confederate Army
    Grierson, John William
    Grierson, Joseph
    Hammond, John Henry
    Hayward, Monroe Leland, in the 22nd Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry and the 5th Regiment, New York Volunteer Cavalry
    Hughes, Felix Turner ( 1862 ), in the Missouri Volunteer Forces, Union Army
    Ives, Thomas Poynton, as a naval officer
    Kellogg, Elijah Wolsey ( 1861-1866 ), on the Northern side
    Kilpatrick, Hugh Judson
    Lee, Robert Edward
    Lewis, Henry Byrd, in the Confederate Army
    Macdonald, Angus
    Martin, Finley Paul, in the Eleventh Missouri Regiment
    Martin, Henry Clay, in the Eleventh Missouri Regiment
Maunsell, Daniel
    Orléans, François Ferdinand, Pr ( 1865 ), on the Union side
    Persse, Anthony B., where he was wounded twice
    Slusher, Alfred Elijah, and was caputred by the Confederates and held at Andersonville Prison for the last 5 months of the war
    Stanley, Henry Morton ( 1862-1863 ), first in the Confedrate Army, captured at Shiloh, and then in the Union Army
    Stonhouse, Henry, 11th/14th Bt.
    Sutherby, Thomas Ringrose, on the Unionist side
    Tone, Thomas, for the Union with the Squirrel Hunters of Ohio
    Urquhart, David
Urquhart, George
    Count equals 42 individuals.

American Civil Warwhere he was twice brevetted for gall
    Fagan, Maurice Edward
    Count equals 1 individual.

Battle of Baton Rouge
    Breckinridge, John Cabell ( 5 Aug 1862 )
    Count equals 1 individual.

Battle of Chickamauga
    Breckinridge, John Cabell
    Count equals 1 individual.

Battle of Gettysburg
    Kilpatrick, Hugh Judson ( 2 Jul 1863 )
    Wadsworth, James Samuel, as the commander of the Federal Brigade
    Count equals 2 individuals.

Battle of Shiloh
    Breckinridge, John Cabell
    Grant, Hiram Ulysses Simpson ( Apr 1862 )
    Count equals 2 individuals.

Battle of Stone River
    Breckinridge, John Cabell ( 1862-1863 )
    Count equals 1 individuals.

Total count equals 50 individuals.

=killed in action or mortally wounded during this battle/war