Quite a few famous people are present in this database - here is a quick guide to finding more about them and their genealogical background.

Famous Authors and Poets
  Jeffrey Archer
  Jane Austen
  Sir John Betjeman
  Robert Bridges
  Lord Byron
  Barbara Cartland
  Geoffrey Chaucer
  Sir Winston Churchill
  George Edward Cokayne (aka G.E.C.)
  Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  Roald Dahl
  Ian Fleming
  Ludovic Kennedy
  Rudyard Kipling
  Clare Boothe Luce
  Somerset Maugham
  Norman Mailer
  Daphne du Maurier
  Beatrix Potter
  Siegfried Sassoon
  Percy Bysshe Shelley
  Robert Southey
  Alec Waugh
  Evelyn Waugh
  Mary Wollstonecraft  (aka Mary Shelley)
  Adeline Virginia Stephen  (aka Virginia Woolf)
  William Wordsworth

Pop Culture
  Fred Astaire  (dancer)
  Brigitte Bardot  (film actress)
  Helena Bonham-Carter  (film actress)
  Glen Buxton  (lead guitarist for Alice Cooper)
  Jamie Lee Curtis  (film actress)
  Tony Curtis  (film actor)
  Bryan Ferry  (musician)
  Henry Fonda  (actor)
  Jane Fonda  (actress)
  Cary Grant  (film actor)
  Hugh Grant  (film actor)
  Rex Harrison  (film actor, My Fair Lady)
  Paris Hilton  (model)
  Anjelica Huston  (film actress)
  John Huston  (film director)
  Jodie Kidd  (super-model)
  Janet Leigh  (film actress)
  Groucho Marx  (comedian)
  David Niven  (film actor)
  Liam Neeson  (film actor)
  Laurence Olivier  (actor)
  Jackie Onassis  (Jackie Kennedy)
  Preston  (singer with The Ordinary Boys)
  Mary Quant  (fashion designer)
  Vanessa Redgrave  (film actress)
  Gloria Vanderbilt  (fashion label)
  Roger Waters  (rock musician, Pink Floyd)

Famous Explorers and Adventurers
  Sir David Attenborough  
  Captain William Bligh  (HMAV Bounty)
  Sir Francis Chichester  (Gipsy Moth IV)
  'Bear' Grylls  (TV adventure presenter)
  Captain Meriwether Lewis  (Lewis & Clark Expedition)
  Captain Robert Falcon Scott  (South Pole explorer)
  Sir Ernest Shackleton  (South Pole explorer)

U.S. Industrialists
  John Jacob Astor  (China trade)
  Jay Gould  (railroads)
  William Randolph Hearst  (newspaper publisher)
  Conrad Hilton  (Hilton Hotels)
  Howard Hughes  (Hughes Aircraft Co)
  W. K. Kellogg  (Kelloggs - cereal)
  Pierre Lorillard II  (J. Lorillard - tobacco)
  Henry Robinson Luce  (Time magazine)
  Condé Nast  (magazine publisher)
  Ted Turner  (CNN)
  Cornelius Vanderbilt   (railroads)
  F. W. Woolworth  (Woolworths - stores)