American War of Independence
    Armstrong, Thomas St. George
    Arnold, Benedict
    Bagot, John Lloyd, Aide-de-Camp to Lord Cornwallis
    Baird, James Gardiner, of Saugh
    Balfour, Nisbet, of Dunbog, where he was wounded at Bunkers Hill
    Ball, Henry
    Bathurst, Lawrence
    Beamish, William, as the Adjutant of the 19th Regiment
    Beauclerk, George, 4th Duke of
    Blacker, Henry
    Blacker, William, as a Captain with the 105th Regiment
    Blakeney, John
    Blakeney, William
    Brereton, William ( 1776 ), where he was wounded on the march from Philadelphia to New York
    Bruce, Andrew
    Burgoyne, John
    Burnett, Robert, of Leys, 7th B
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, Duncan, 9th of Invera
    Campbell, James, 1st and last B ( 1780-1783 )
    Campbell, Patrick
Chevers, William
    Clinton, Henry
    Coffin, John
Cooke, John
    Cornwallis, Charles, 1st Marque
    Cowper, Spencer, where he commanded a brigade
    Dalrymple-Hay, John, of Park Pl
    Davis, Dudley Daniel ( 1779-1783 )
    Douglas, Charles, 1st Bt. ( 1776 ), where he forced a passage up the St. Lawrence and relieved Quebec
    Doyle, John, 1st and last Bt.
    Drummond, Andrew John ( 1776-1777 )
    Drummond, Louis Edouard Genevi, with Marquis de Lafayette
    Drummond, Thomas, Lord Drummond
    Dunbar, William
    Dundas, Thomas, of Fingask ( 1779-1781 ), where he surrendered Yorktown
    Dunn, James ( 1780-1782 ), with cavalry under General Anderson and General Sumter
    Fairbairn, Andrew, as a conscript
    Finch, George, 9th Earl of Winc
    FitzGerald, Edward
    Fraser, Alexander, and was taken prisoner in Oct 1781 at York Town
    Fraser, Simon, Master of Lovat
French, Arthur Richard
    Fyers, William
    Gardiner, William Neville
    Gordon, William ( 1781 )
    Graves, Thomas, 1st Lord Graves
Grierson, James
Grierson, Thomas
    Grierson, William
    Hamond, Andrew Snape, 1st Bt.
    Harcourt, William, 3rd Earl Har ( 1775-1778 )
    Harris, George, 1st Baron Harri
    Hart, George Vaughan
Harvey, Stephen
    Hay, Thomas, of Park, 4th Bt.
    Honywood, William
    Howard, John, 15th Earl of Suff
    Imlay, Gilbert
    Johnson, Henry, 1st Bt. ( 1777 )
    Johnson, Peter Warren
    Lancey, Oliver ( 1776-1777 )
    Leigh, Charles
    Leighton, Baldwin, 6th Bt., where he was wounded
Leslie, William
    Ludlow, George James, 3rd Earl
    Lyon, James
    MacDonald, Alexander, 3rd of Bo ( 1775-1783 )
    Macbride, John
    Macdonald, Alexander, 5th of Ki
    Macdonald, Angus, 4th of Milton
    Macdonald, John, 8th of Glenala
    Mackintosh, Æneas, of Mackintos ( 1776-1781 )
    Maclean, Allan, of Brolas, 6th
    Macpherson, Duncan, of Cluny Ma, with the 71st Fraser Highlanders
Macpherson, John
    Matheson, John
    Maxwell, William, of Calderwood
Monckton, Henry
    Montgomerie, Hugh, 12th Earl of
    Montgomery-Cuninghame, Alexand
    Murray-Pulteney, James, of Dune ( 1775 )
    Needham, Francis, 1st Earl of K
    Norton, Chapple
    O'Hara, James
    Percy, Hugh, 2nd Duke of Northu ( 1775-1777 )
    Persse, Henry ( 1775-1777 )
    Phipps, Henry, 1st Earl of Mulg ( 1776-1778 )
    Preston, Charles, 5th Bt.
    Prevost, Jacques Marc
    Rawdon-Hastings, Francis, 1st M ( 1775 ), where he was wounded at Bunker Hill
    Robertson, Alexander, 19th of S
    Robertson, William, 13th of Lud
    Robinson, Beverley
    Robinson, Christopher
    Robinson, John
    Robinson, Morris
    Ross, Alexander
    Saltonstall, Dudley, in the Penobscot Expedition
    Sandilands, James, 9th Lord Tor
    Sargent, Paul Dudley
    Saumarez, Thomas
    Shaw, Aeneas
    Sinclair, John, 11th Earl of Ca, and was wounded at the siege of Charlestown
    Stannus, Thomas, where he was severely wounded
    Tarleton, Bannastre, 1st and la ( 1781 )
    Twisden, William
    Waldegrave, George, 4th Earl Wa ( 1776-1777 )
    Walker, Nathaniel
    Wallace-Dunlop, Andrew, 20th of ( 1775 )
Westropp, Richard
    Whitworth, Charles, 1st Earl of
    Williams-Freeman, William Peer
    Count equals 113 individuals.

Battle of Brandywine
    Agnew, James, 2nd of Howlish Ha ( 11 Jun 1777 ), where he commanded a division
    Coote, Eyre
    Cornwallis, Charles, 1st Marque ( 13 Sep 1777 )
    Tone, Andrew
    Count equals 4 individuals.

Battle of Bunker Hill
Bainbrigge, John ( 17 Jun 1775 )
    Blakeney, William, where he was severely wounded
D'Oyly, Hadley ( 1775 )
    Grant, Noah, III ( 17 Jun 1775 )
Hesketh, Robert ( 17 Jun 1775 )
    Massy, Hugh, where he was severely wounded
Minchin, George ( 17 Jun 1775 )
    Pigot, Robert, 2nd Bt. ( 17 Jun 1775 )
    Pitcairn, John ( 17 Jun 1775 )
Verner, Thomas ( 17 Jun 1775 )
    Count equals 10 individuals.

Battle of Fort Ticonderoga
    Fitch, Eleanor ( 1759 )
    Count equals 1 individual.

Battle of Germanstown
Agnew, James, 2nd of Howlish Ha ( 4 Oct 1777 )
    Count equals 1 individual.

Battle of Saratoga
    Bromhead, Gonville, 1st Bt. ( 1777 ), where he was wounded and captured
    Burnett, Robert, of Leys, 7th B ( 1777 ), where he was captured
Clerke, Francis Carr, 7th Bt. ( 15 Oct 1778 )
Frazer, Simon ( 1777 )
    Pellew, John ( 1777 )
    Count equals 5 individuals.

Battle of Ticonderoga
    Blakeney, John
    Campbell, Alexander, 10th of In ( 8 Jul 1758 ), where he was wounded along with his father
    Grant, Francis
    Haldane, David, 3rd of Aberuthv ( 1758 )
    Lindsay, Alexander, 6th Earl of ( 7 Jul 1777 ), where he was wounded
MacGregor, John ( 1759 )
    Milne, Alexander
Proby, Thomas ( 1758 )
Stewart, George
    Count equals 9 individuals.

Battle of Yorktown
    Asgill, Charles, 2nd Bt. ( Oct 1781 ), where he was taken prisoner. He was condemned to death in retaliation for an American officer who was hanged, but was reprieved six months later
    Blood-Smyth, Matthew, during which he was captured
    Count equals 2 individuals.

Capture of Yorktown
    Cornwallis, Charles, 1st Marque ( 19 Oct 1781 ), where he surrendered his 4,000 troops to the Americans and Frnech
    Count equals 1 individual.

South American War of Independence
Eyre, Thomas
    Count equals 1 individual.

capture of Ticonderoga
    Amherst, Jeffrey, 1st Baron Amh ( 26 Jul 1759 )
    Count equals 1 individuals.

Total count equals 148 individuals.

=killed in action or mortally wounded during this battle/war