Ralph Harbottle1

M, #228651
Last Edited=4 Apr 2007
     Ralph Harbottle lived at Northumberland, EnglandG.1

Child of Ralph Harbottle


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Cynthia Claire Young1

F, #228652
Last Edited=2 Aug 2014
     Cynthia Claire Young married Victor Bonham Carter, son of General Sir Charles Bonham Carter and Gabriele Madge Jeanette Fisher, in 1979.1
     Her married name became Sanford. From 1979, her married name became Bonham Carter.1

Child of Cynthia Claire Young


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Francis Hearle Cock1

M, #228653
Last Edited=5 Apr 2007
     Francis Hearle Cock married Caroline Mary Agnes Parkin, daughter of Henry Parkin.1
     He lived at Tullimaar, Perranarworthal, Cornwall, EnglandG.1

Child of Francis Hearle Cock and Caroline Mary Agnes Parkin


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Sarah Cracroft

F, #228654
Last Edited=14 Jun 2009
     Sarah Cracroft married Charles John Harper, son of Rt. Rev. Henry John Chitty Harper and Emily Wooldridge, in February 1868.1
     Her married name became Harper.


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Thomas Douglas

M, #228655, b. 1 March 1840, d. 11 December 1919
Last Edited=28 Mar 2016
     Thomas Douglas was born on 1 March 1840 at Whickham, County Durham, England.1 He was the son of Reverend Henry Douglas and Eleanor Birt.1 He married Janet Harriette Harper, daughter of Rt. Rev. Henry John Chitty Harper and Emily Wooldridge, on 11 June 1869.1 He died on 11 December 1919 at age 79 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.1

Children of Thomas Douglas and Janet Harriette Harper


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John Carbonell1

M, #228656, b. 1760, d. 31 August 1837
Last Edited=10 Apr 2017
     John Carbonell was born in 1760.2 He married Frances Parsons, daughter of Sir William Parsons and Charlotte Sophia Worgan, on 8 October 1803 at St. James' Church, Piccadilly, London, England.2 He married Charlotte Backford Hay on 26 June 1817 at St. George Hanover Square, London, England.3 He died on 31 August 1837 at Hayling Park, Croydon, Surrey, England.2
     He was founder of Carbonell, Moody and Walker, wine merchants.3

Children of John Carbonell and Frances Parsons

Children of John Carbonell and Charlotte Backford Hay


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John Eaton Monins1

M, #228657, d. 1939
Last Edited=6 Jan 2009
     John Eaton Monins married Margaret Carter, daughter of Ray Carter.1 He died in 1939.2
     He lived at Ringwould, Kent, EnglandG.1

Child of John Eaton Monins and Margaret Carter


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Henry Kingsmill1

M, #228658, b. 1831, d. 1844
Last Edited=4 Apr 2009
     Henry Kingsmill was born in 1831.1 He was the son of John Allen Kingsmill and Ann Driscoll.1 He died in 1844.1 He was buried at Old Glebe Cemetery, East Maitland, New South Wales, AustraliaG.1


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Hilda Marion Radcliffe Hordern1

F, #228659, b. 31 January 1910
Last Edited=12 Apr 2007
     Hilda Marion Radcliffe Hordern was born on 31 January 1910.1 She is the daughter of Radcliffe Hordern and Grace Harriet Nesbitt.1 She married John Fremont Melby on 25 January 1951.1
     From 25 January 1951, her married name became Melby.1


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W/Cmdr. Ronald Mark1

M, #228660
Last Edited=12 Apr 2007
     W/Cmdr. Ronald Mark lived at Lee's Rest, Charlbury, Oxfordshire, EnglandG.1 He gained the rank of Wing Commander in the service of the Royal Air Force.1

Child of W/Cmdr. Ronald Mark


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