Louisa Jane d'Abo1

F, #18431, b. 8 January 1955
Last Edited=22 Jul 2007
     Louisa Jane d'Abo was born on 8 January 1955. She is the daughter of Robert Erland Nicholai d'Abo and Lady Ursula Isabel Manners.1 She married Hon. John Patrick Ramsay, son of Simon Ramsay, 16th Earl of Dalhousie and Margaret Elizabeth Mary Stirling, on 25 July 1981.1
     From 25 July 1981, her married name became Ramsay.1

Children of Louisa Jane d'Abo and Hon. John Patrick Ramsay


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Richard Winston Mark d'Abo

M, #18432, b. 3 July 1956
Last Edited=10 May 2003
     Richard Winston Mark d'Abo was born on 3 July 1956. He is the son of Robert Erland Nicholai d'Abo and Lady Ursula Isabel Manners.

Benjamin Seymour Guinness1

M, #18433, b. 18 November 1868, d. 15 December 1947
Last Edited=13 Dec 2012
Consanguinity Index=0.39%
     Benjamin Seymour Guinness was born on 18 November 1868.1 He was the son of Richard Seymour Guinness and Elizabeth Jane Susanna Darley.2 He married, firstly, Bridget Henrietta Frances Williams-Bulkeley, daughter of Sir Richard Lewis Mostyn Williams-Bulkeley, 11th Bt., on 9 December 1902.1 He married, secondly, Marchesa Maria Nunziante di Mignano, daughter of Mariano Nunziante, Duca di Mignano, on 2 April 1936.2 He married Marchesa Maria Nunziantedi Mignano Nunziante, daughter of Mariano Nunziante, on 2 April 1936.3 He died on 15 December 1947 at age 79.2
     He gained the rank of officer in 1882 in the service of the Royal Navy.1 He retired from the military in 1891, with the rank of Lieutenant, late of the Royal Navy.1 He was a director of the New York Trust Company, Lackawanna Steel Company, Kansas City Southern Railway, Seaboard Air Line, Duquesne Light Company, and United Railroads of San Francisco.1 He lived at New York, U.S.A.1

Children of Benjamin Seymour Guinness and Bridget Henrietta Frances Williams-Bulkeley


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John Lany1

M, #18434
Last Edited=22 Feb 2004
     John Lany held the office of Alderman of Dublin.1

Child of John Lany


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Sir Adam Loftus

M, #18436
Last Edited=7 Apr 2008

Child of Sir Adam Loftus

Thomas Walsingham

M, #18437
Last Edited=1 Jun 2008

Child of Thomas Walsingham

Thomas Claxton

M, #18438
Last Edited=22 Jun 2008

Child of Thomas Claxton

Hugh Edwards

M, #18439
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Child of Hugh Edwards

John Bateman

M, #18440
Last Edited=15 May 2009
     John Bateman was the son of Rowland Bateman and Elizabeth Colthurst.1 He married Olivia Edwards, daughter of Hugh Edwards, on 8 October 1770.


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