Thomas Hanks

M, #321851, d. after 1674
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     Thomas Hanks died after 1674.
     He lived at Gloucester County, Virginia, U.S.A.G.

Child of Thomas Hanks and Elizabeth (?)

Elizabeth (?)

F, #321852
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Child of Elizabeth (?) and Thomas Hanks

Charles Stevens

M, #321853, b. circa 1615, d. circa 1658
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     Charles Stevens was born circa 1615. He married Susannah Norwood. He died circa 1658 at Anne Arundel County, Maryland, U.S.A.G.

Child of Charles Stevens and Susannah Norwood

Susannah Norwood

F, #321854, b. circa 1620
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     Susannah Norwood was born circa 1620. She married, firstly, Charles Stevens. She married, secondly, John Howard.
     The name Norwood is not proven. Her married name became Stevens. Her married name became Howard.

Child of Susannah Norwood and Charles Stevens

Edward Lincoln

M, #321855, b. circa 1575, d. 1638/39
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     Edward Lincoln was born circa 1575. He was the son of Richard Lincoln and Elizabeth Remching. He married Bridget Gilman, daughter of Edward Gilman, circa 1600. He died in 1638/39 at Hingham, Norfolk, EnglandG.

Child of Edward Lincoln and Bridget Gilman

Bridget Gilman

F, #321856
Last Edited=28 Nov 2008
     Bridget Gilman is the daughter of Edward Gilman. She married Edward Lincoln, son of Richard Lincoln and Elizabeth Remching, circa 1600.
     Reference: Lincoln-129. Her married name became Lincoln.

Child of Bridget Gilman and Edward Lincoln

Reverend John Lyford

M, #321857, d. after 1634
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     Reverend John Lyford died after 1634.
     Rev. John Lyford was a graduate of Magdalen College (A.B. 1597, A.M. 1602) and
was first a minister at Leverlegkish, near Laughgaid, Armagh, Ireland. He
later preached at Plymouth, Massachusetts and even later at Hull, Cape Ann and
Salem, Massachusetts and finally in Virginia.

Child of Reverend John Lyford and Sarah (?)

Sarah (?)

F, #321858
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     Married second: Edmund Hubbard.

Child of Sarah (?) and Reverend John Lyford

Thomas Jones

M, #321859, b. circa 1602, d. 1679/80
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     Thomas Jones was born circa 1602. He died in 1679/80.
     Lived in Hingham and Manchester, Mass.

Child of Thomas Jones and Ann (?)

Ann (?)

F, #321860, d. after 1657
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     Ann (?) died after 1657.

Child of Ann (?) and Thomas Jones