Elizabeth (?)

F, #321741, b. 1722/23, d. 1781
Last Edited=31 Jan 2009
     Elizabeth (?) was born in 1722/23. She married Anthony Trimmer in 1748/49. She died in 1781.
     From 1748/49, her married name became Trimmer.

Child of Elizabeth (?) and Anthony Trimmer

Anne Carter Lee1

F, #321742, b. 1839, d. 1862
Last Edited=3 Dec 2008
Consanguinity Index=0.0%
     Anne Carter Lee was born in 1839.1 She was the daughter of General Robert Edward Lee and Mary Anna Randolph Custis.1 She died in 1862, unmarried.1


  1. [S130] Wikipedia, online http;//www.wikipedia.org. Hereinafter cited as Wikipedia.

Moses McElwain

M, #321743, d. 1760
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     Moses McElwain died in 1760 at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.G.

Child of Moses McElwain and Agnes Miller

Agnes Miller

F, #321744
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     Agnes Miller is the daughter of James Miller.

Child of Agnes Miller and Moses McElwain

James Miller

M, #321745
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     Reference: Nixon-150.

Child of James Miller

Thomas Wadsworth

M, #321746
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     Thomas Wadsworth married Rebecca Passmore in January 1740/41 at Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.G.

Child of Thomas Wadsworth and Rebecca Passmore

Rebecca Passmore

F, #321747
Last Edited=31 Jan 2009
     Rebecca Passmore married Thomas Wadsworth in January 1740/41 at Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.G.
     Her married name became Wadsworth.

Child of Rebecca Passmore and Thomas Wadsworth

Mathew Wiley

M, #321748, b. 16 November 1730
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     Mathew Wiley was born on 16 November 1730.

Child of Mathew Wiley

Guy Lytle

M, #321749, d. 20 March 1764
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     Guy Lytle married Elizabeth Webster on 25 March 1751. He died on 20 March 1764 at Baltimore County, Maryland, U.S.A.G.

Child of Guy Lytle and Elizabeth Webster

Elizabeth Webster

F, #321750
Last Edited=31 Jan 2009
     Elizabeth Webster married Guy Lytle on 25 March 1751.
     Her married name became Lytle.

Child of Elizabeth Webster and Guy Lytle