Margaret Easton

F, #443951, b. circa 1820, d. 10 January 1906
Last Edited=4 Apr 2020
     Margaret Easton was born circa 1820. She married Christopher Bushell on 23 October 1838 at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. She died on 10 January 1906.
     From 23 October 1838, her married name became Bushell.

Children of Margaret Easton and Christopher Bushell

Joseph François Louis de Latour1

M, #443952
Last Edited=15 Jun 2011
     Joseph François Louis de Latour lived at Hexton House, Hertfordshire, EnglandG.1

Children of Joseph François Louis de Latour


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Lynda Kerans1

F, #443953
Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
     Lynda Kerans is the daughter of Lyons Kerans and Jean Mckenzie.1


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Dona Maria Cerezo1

F, #443954
Last Edited=20 Jul 2010
     Dona Maria Cerezo married General Don Alonso de Escobar.1


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Mary Barttelot1

F, #443955, b. 13 July 1671
Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
     Mary Barttelot was born on 13 July 1671.1 She was the daughter of Richard Barttelot and Mary Barttelot.1


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Michael John Barthorp1,2,3

M, #443956, b. December 1927
Last Edited=6 Nov 2016
     Michael John Barthorp was born in December 1927 at Chelsea, London, EnglandG.1,2,3 He is the son of John Amyas Feilding Barthorp and Germaine Louise Kingham.3 He married Penelope Jehane Waller in September 1953 at Alton, Hampshire, England.4

Children of Michael John Barthorp and Penelope Jehane Waller


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Lee Bok Boon1

M, #443957, b. 1846
Last Edited=13 Aug 2010
     Lee Bok Boon was born in 1846.1 He married Seow Huan Neo.1

Child of Lee Bok Boon and Seow Huan Neo


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Camilla Jane Caryl Tew1

F, #443958, b. 1983
Last Edited=16 Jul 2010
     Camilla Jane Caryl Tew was born in 1983.1 She is the daughter of Edward Douglas Caryl Tew and Philippa Jane Rouse.1


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Joyce May Hargreaves1

F, #443959, d. 8 October 2005
Last Edited=7 Sep 2013
     Joyce May Hargreaves was the daughter of Lionel Richard Hargreaves.1 She married Sir Alexander Charles Durie, son of Charles Durie, in 1941.1 She died on 8 October 2005.1
     From 1941, her married name became Durie.1

Children of Joyce May Hargreaves and Sir Alexander Charles Durie


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Robert Knowles1

M, #443960, b. 1805, d. 31 January 1883
Last Edited=23 Sep 2014
     Robert Knowles was born in 1805 at Bolton, Lancashire, England.1 He was the son of Andrew Knowles and Mary Knowles.1 He died on 31 January 1883 at Swinton Old Hall, Lancashire, England.1

Child of Robert Knowles


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