Faq - Map Tool

Why is it so slow to use?

This tool is transferring an awful lot of event data to your browser so that it can draw the correct sized markers on the map. And depending on your map zoom level, there can be a LOT of markers! Please be patient with it.

Why is Sark, Channel Islands in the middle of South Africa?

The plotting of each location is being done by Google Maps. Sometimes their tool gets a bit confused - I have tried to minimise these sort of problems, but there is currently 88,444 different locations and 255,045 different events in the.peerage.com, and I'm sure I missed a lot of problem locations.

Fred Smith was born in The Cottage, 12 Elm Street, Weird Place, Ireland, but it doesn't show up on the map at all.

Google Maps has no idea where this Cottage is. I try to help it by re-requesting a Location for 12 Elm Street, Weird Place, Ireland, and if that fails, finally I try just Weird Place, Ireland. And if that fails, I have to give up and leave it off the map. See unknown places for a list of all of the places in www.peerage.com which could not be plotted by Google Maps. If you know where any of these places are and can help me locate them accurately, I would be grateful.

I'm having trouble getting one of the larger markers to expand and show me its contents?

Try moving the mouse around to the upper left edge of the circle. It should change from a hand to a pointing hand at that point, and tehn you can click to open the marker.